Phrasal Verbs: Physical Activities

To put in (a dishwasher, alarm for the house, car radio) = to install
To put (a record, a tape, CD) on = to place (a record, tape, CD) onto/into the electronic device that plays records, tapes, CDs
To put on the lights/radio/AC (air conditioning) = to put the AC/lights on = to turn on something/to turn something on
To put out the lights = to turn off the lights/to turn the lights off
To put up a new building/a wall/new windows = to build a whole structure (non-separable) 
To put a tent up = to build something that is folded or rolled up and ready to use like a tent

Phrasal Verbs in Context: 
Review the texts and find the phrasal verbs from above.

While Sandra was putting in the dishwasher (her old one stopped working), her boyfriend put on a CD so that she would have more fun during that rather boring task. Listening to music makes everything more enjoyable. Sandra knew how to put in a dishwasher because her mom had shown her how to do it when she was little. Her mom worked as an electrician before she retired.

2) Paul was super tired. They were putting up a new wall between his building and his neighbor's house all day, and it was extremely loud. Before Paul could go to sleep, he had to put out the lights so that it would be dark in his room. As soon as the lights were out (= to be out-> dark), the construction workers started making a lot of noise again right underneath his bedroom window.

3) Sandra and Paul went on a camping trip to Colorado together. When they arrived at the campsite, they put up their tent and put all their food into plastic bags so that it would not attract any bears.

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Marike Korn