Lingua Link DC offers English language courses, personalized English lessons, and intercultural training with a focus on one-on-one coaching and tutoring. I’ve worked with diplomats, ambassadors, international professionals, students, and families in the Washington, D.C. metro area to improve their English skills.

My mission is to create a highly personalized language learning experience as unique as the people I’ve worked alongside. Your learning style, priorities, and needs are incorporated into each lesson to achieve the best results.

We’ll use immersive, conversational practices to improve your fluency. I focus on providing high-quality, customized English lessons that help you communicate effectively at work, school, and in casual conversation.



I love teaching and truly motivating my students to achieve their goals by turning my lessons into inspiring and interesting experiences. My approach to grammar and vocabulary training is unique, as I create custom English coaching lessons for each of my clients or small groups. I’m a client-focused, results-based, culturally sensitive expert educator with a high level of competence in creating custom lessons.

I draw upon diverse language skills and methodologies to customize each lesson. I’m fluent in German and English with knowledge of French, Russian, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. My training in international relations and expertise in U.S. culture make me the perfect language coach to contextualize English language instruction. I’ve even attended seminars at the European Delegation on lobbying and the U.S. Congress and lectures at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.



Throughout my career, I’ve perfected an approach that integrates my expertise in cultural studies into a customized, all-encompassing instructional method that guarantees superlative results. My vast multicultural experience acquired through teaching, studying and living in diverse metropolitan cities in Canada, Italy, Germany, and Austria makes me the ideal teacher for people who would like to master the English language.

I have taught cultural studies in English at the renowned University of Vienna and I am an academic language specialist with an advanced certificate in Latin. Drawing on seventeen years of experience working with international clientele, I’m well-versed in subjects such as cultural analysis, intercultural communication, U.S. politics, and international relations.

As an English teacher and tutor, I’ve worked with professionals from almost every country in the world. My clients include ambassadors, think tank professionals, high-ranking diplomats, consultants, and security specialists.

When not working with clients, I serve as the Director of ESL Program Development at the Global Center for Refugee Education and Science (https://gcres.org).


Academic Experience & Resume

  • M.A. American Studies, English, Political Science (Focus: International Relations, U.S. Foreign & Domestic Policy; Cultural Studies), University of Toronto & University of Bonn; Ph.D. Candidate American Studies, University of Vienna & University of Maryland

  • Diploma in Adult Education

  • Professional English Instructor and Intercultural Communication Trainer

  • Recipient of various academic scholarships

    Travel and Participation Grant “Intersectionality-Paradigms and Challenges” (2009, Intergender Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Stockholm, Sweden in cooperation with the Universities of Blekinge, Goeteborg, Lulea, Oerebro, Uppsala, Malmoe, Sweden and the following international partners: the Finnish, Dutch, and Inter-Nordic Gender Research Schools and the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.

2007 Tuition Waiver Stipend/University of Maryland

2007 Sigmund Freud Research Scholarship, City of Vienna, Austria

2007 PhD Scholarship (Joint Study), University of Vienna, Austria

2004 Scholarship awarded by the Interdisciplinary Center for Comparative Studies in the Social Sciences/Vienna/Austria

  • Published Author, “Filmic Healing Scripts. (Re)Negotiating the Trauma Paradigm after 9/11.” Trauma und Film. Ed. Julia Koehne, 2012 Kadmos Berlin.