Writing and Editing Coaching Services

Aside from verbal communication with your colleagues, all workplaces require a certain level of proficiency when it comes to writing in English. The style in which Americans communicate through email and other business documents is unique. This personalized coaching will help you become more proficient in business writing tasks.

English Business Writing

When it comes to drafting business documents, like memos or reports, it is important to use correct grammar. By improving your command over the English language, you will be able to better communicate with your colleagues through your writing. We will work together to identify what style to adopt for your business communication and how to get your message across with short sentences and common phrases.

English Email Writing

Writing a professional email in English is difficult for a lot of people that I work with, which is why I chose to offer lessons specifically for this task. Almost everyone is inundated with emails these days and unless you have a way of effectively dealing with them, you can easily get behind.

Since email is one of the most common forms of business communication, we will walk through how to structure an email in English and the types of words and phrases you should use while communicating with other people.

We will cover different scenarios so by the end of the coaching sessions, you will walk away with a strong understanding of writing emails in English.

English Editing Services


Whether you are writing a proposal, preparing a presentation, or delivering a report, I am happy to review your grammar and syntax to provide you with feedback. My English editing services for professionals help you make sure that your work is as perfect as possible. By having an extra set of eyes on your business documents, you will better be able to communicate your ideas and get buy ins from your organization on your next proposal.

Editing services are also available in German and Spanish.

For inquiries about business writing, emailing, or editing services contact me by email at office@linguallinkdc.net or by phone at (202)-650-8952.