Phrasal Verbs in Context: Listening to Music


1) a) The first Joy Division album (record) "Unknown Pleasures" came out in 1979 on Factory Records.

To come out = to be released

b) Their (plural= a band is a group of people) first record came out in 1979. 
His/her first album came out in 1989. (solo artist= singular form)

c) When will the new Suede album come out?

Joy Division's first release came out on Factory Records.

"Release" can also be a noun.

3) Joy Division put out an album (or record) on Factory Records. 
They put it out on Factory Records. (This phrasal verb needs to be separated with words like it, them, this etc.)

To put out a record/album = to release

4) Gene, can you put on the record so that we can have some background music for our party?

background music = music in the background (compound noun) 
To put on a record = to put a record on a record player

5) Let's turn up the music. (non-separable with a noun) 
Or: Let's turn it/this up. (This phrasal verb needs to be separated with words like it, this, that etc.)

To turn up the music = to increase the volume

6) Oh no, we need to turn down the music. 
Or: We need to turn it down. (the same as above: separate with words like it etc.)

to turn down the music = to decrease the volume

Now let's read the text below:

At a record store:

Customer: When did the first Joy Division album come out? 
Record store owner: It came out in 1979 on Factory Records. They (the band) put it out on Tony Wilson's record label. 
Customer: Wow, I thought they released it in 1980. 
Record store owner: No, it was 1979. 
Customer: Did they also put out their first single on Factory Records? 
Record store owner: Yes, they did. 
Customer: Good to know. One more question, can I put this album on your record player to check if it is any good? (pointing at a record in her hands) 
Record store owner: Sure, no problem. You can even turn it up a bit. Just turn it down when another customer comes in (= enters the store). We can listen to it as background music then. 
Customer: Cool, thanks.

photo source:

Marike Korn