Ten Words We Need to Add to the English Dictionary

  1. Fernweh (German) 
    The desire to leave for places far away. 
    A feeling of longing for other places.

  2. Pochemuchka (Russian) 
    A person who asks too many questions.

  3. Gigil (Tagalog) 
    The uncontrollable urge to squeeze something really cute.

  4. Meraki (Greek) 
    When you do something with a lot of passion, and leave a trace of yourself in your work.

  5. Mudita (Sanskrit) 
    To enjoy the happiness of others.

  6. Friolero (Spanish) 
    A person who is very sensitive to cold weather.

  7. Utepils (Norwegian) 
    To enjoy your beer outside on a sunny day.

  8. Schilderwald (German) 
    Lots of (street) signs in one place; literally "sign forest".

  9. Dépaysement
    The sense of disorientation felt in another country, or when confronted with a foreign culture.

  10. Age-otori (Japanese) 
    Looking worse after a haircut.

image: http://knickoftime.net/2015/08/vintage-dictionary-page-printables.html

Marike Korn