Best TV Shows to Learn English in 2017

Learning English can be difficult, especially if you don't interact with native English speakers on a regular basis. Lots of textbooks tend to teach a type of English that can be rather sterile and is often far removed from how people actually speak. Luckily, you can improve your English and have fun at the same time — just watch English television!

 Time, place, and the environment can change the meaning of English words, just like in other languages. Many words can only be used in certain situations and sound strange when out of place.

TV shows offer context, a certain level of repetitiveness but in a fun way, and can help you understand both language and cultural norms. After all, who doesn’t want a homework assignment that gives them the ability to binge on the latest Netflix series?  

Below, you’ll find the complete list, by category, of the best TV shows to help you learn English this year.



  1. Master of None

  2. How I Met Your Mother

  3. The Big Bang Theory

  4. Modern Family

  5. Parks and Recreation

  6. The Office

  7. Casual

  8. Difficult People

  9. The Mindy Project

  10. Wet Hot American Summer

  11. Love

  12. Transparent

  13. Red Oaks

  14. Veep

  15. Curb your Enthusiasm

  16. Boardwalk Empire

  17. Silicon Valley

  18. Girls

  19. Enlightened

  20. The Last Man on Earth



  1. The Good Wife

  2. Good Girls Revolt

  3. The Newsroom

  4. Mad Men

  5. The Wire

  6. True Detective

  7. Six Feet Under

  8. Breaking Bad

  9. Masters of Sex

  10. The Americans

  11. The West Wing

  12. House of Cards

  13. Orange is the New Black

  14. Fargo

  15. The Sopranos

  16. Better Call Saul

  17. Grey's Anatomy

  18. The Killing

  19. The Bridge

  20. Goliath

  21. Treme

  22. The Night Of

  23. Vinyl

  24. Show Me a Hero

  25. Big Little Lies


  1. Damages

  2. Bloodline

Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

  1. The Walking Dead

  2. True Blood

  3. Stranger Things

  4. The Handmaid's Tale

  5. The Man in the High Castle

  6. Westworld

  7. Fear the Walking Dead


Why We Recommend TV for Learning English

Since we are currently living in the great age of television where TV shows have somehow taken the helm from movies in terms of artistic value, interesting plots and innovation, there are, of course a huge amount of shows out there to pick from. We often recommend clients to narrow down the field based on interest and sometimes even English learning priority.

A doctor, for example, should watch shows like "Grey's Anatomy" while lawyers can immensely benefit (in a fun way) from legal shows such as "The Good Wife" and "Damages".

For general improved English fluency, vocabulary and enhanced cultural understanding here at LinguaLink DC we usually recommend TV series from the list above which should help English learners select the TV shows right for them. The more TV shows you watch the more your English will improve,  and you'll be able to communicate and function better in English. 

Watch the TV shows above attentively, first with subtitles if necessary and take note of vocabulary you are not familiar with. Improve your pronunciation by imitating the actors and actresses and pay attention to cultural nuances. For extra practice, start a vocabulary log book with the new words and phrases, divide the vocabulary into different categories and build your own sentences.

We hope this extensive list of good TV shows will help you learn English and offer you a way to improve your speaking proficiency. If anything, these shows will help you get in touch with how real English native speakers speak and learn about American slang and culture.

Have fun improving your English — and don’t get lost watching too many of these shows!

Marike KornComment