Phrasal Verbs at the Cafe, plus a D.C. Coffee Shop Quick Guide

Here we go again. Our beloved phrasal verbs plus some everyday vocabulary for all my English students out there. As my clients can tell you, I always put an extra emphasis on phrasal verbs and real life English during my coaching sessions. There's tutoring and there's coaching after all with a huge difference between the two.

In my lessons I'm always looking for fun ways to bring English language learning into everyday situations. Below is a sneak peek into my customized coaching sessions with an emphasis on one of my favorite topics – coffee! Also included is a quick guide to some of the D.C. area's best places to grab a fine brew and a scrumptious pastry. Many of my English students come from countries with great coffee and baking traditions. I hope this guide gives you a little taste of home.

Now, let’s dive into phrasal verbs and coffee. Have fun!

Review the dialogue:

Sarah: Hi, I will get a coffee. Can I pay cash?

Server: No, we're a cashless business. Just put your card in here. I can just run your credit card. Sign here.

Sarah’s friend: This is on me (I am paying). You can get me next time (you can pay next time).

Sarah: Thanks.

At the table:

Sarah: I still need to put in some sugar. Oh, wait. Maybe I should hold off (wait). I've already had three croissants today. It feels like I’m on a sugar high (had too much sugar)! I'll just drink my coffee without sugar this time.

Sarah’s friend: You know I’m not a morning person (someone who has a lot of energy in the morning), so I need some coffee to perk me up/give me an energy boost plus a hot cup of coffee warms you up in winter, and it’s freezing (extremely cold) outside today.

To be continued...

D.C. Quick Guide To Great Coffee and Baked Goods


If you're in Dupont Circle or Foggy Bottom, Filter is your spot for a quality jolt of caffeine. They feature hand-poured, French-pressed, and espresso drinks. Ceremony Coffee, a local Maryland roaster, provides their tasty beans.

La Colombe

Quickly becoming a national phenomenon, this is the spot for coffee on draft. At last count they offer six versions of nitro brew, including oat milk lattes. With five locations in D.C. alone La Columbe's got you covered.


The spacious and comfortable coffee house is located just outside of D.C. in Hyattsville, MD. It’s well worth the trip. Their macchiato is like going to Italy. My absolute favorite in the D.C. area.


A great choice for a quick beverage and a tasty snack. They have three D.C. locations including one inside Union Market. Drip coffee, pour-over, iced coffee, juices, and more all on offer.

The Wydown

Run by two brothers, the hip-yet-comforting cafe offers a variety of coffee beverages in addition to delicious scones and other treats. An added bonus, they also have a full bar menu. Talk about one-stop shopping.

Colony Club

This lively Georgia Avenue spot features coffee and espresso drinks plus ping pong! When you're ready for more, they offer a selection of premium snacks, sandwiches, and a full cocktail menu.

Little Pearl

Are your tastebuds looking for adventure? You might want to try an iced banana latte or maybe a walnut birch iced latte. For the less adventurous, Little Pearl offers the full array of traditional coffee and espresso drinks. A Capitol Hill oasis.

Amazing local bakeries:


A fantastic bakery with French, German, Swiss, and Austrian baked goods. They sell superbly satisfying breads, baguettes, and pastries. It’s also a great spot for dinner.


A great place to find European-style bread and pastries. They feature speciality bread selections everyday including pain au levain, rustica baguettes, and einkorn mischbrot. Wheat free and vegan items are also available.

As always, don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions either about the English vocabulary mentioned above or D.C. tips.

Marike Korn