Business English lessons

Instead of working from textbooks, my business English lessons for adults are tailored to your needs and goals. I have worked with different types of professionals on improving speaking, pronunciation and writing in various fields like medicine, law, marketing, and diplomacy. If you are already working in your field, then you will have a lot of knowledge about professional keywords and terms. I like to incorporate your industry knowledge into my English lessons so that you get the most out of our time together!

English lessons for diplomacy

If you are currently working as a diplomat in Washington D.C., and you need English lessons, then we can work together to help you develop the language skills necessary for diplomats and ambassadors.

I understand that diplomats, unlike some other professions, heavily rely on the English language for public speaking, negotiation, and clear and effective communication. My English for diplomacy coaching lessons are tailored to your needs to improve vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and expression.

Legal english lessons

I create my customized English for lawyers coaching lessons to provide specialized training in formal English for legal practitioners in Washington D.C. Whether you need support on improving your English skills for litigation or everyday communication, my courses are tailored to the unique needs of lawyers.

From working with lawyers in the past, I know that the field requires a high level of English fluency. Lawyers are required to participate in contracts such as leases, non-competes, sale of assets, mergers, and much more. Aside from helping you with English negotiation in each of these areas, my legal English lessons will help you improve your advocacy and oral skills for preparing legal arguments and meeting with clients.


With such a large international community in Washington D.C., I have worked with many doctors who are new to the area and would like to improve their English fluency. If you are a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional looking for medical English lessons, then I can help you improve your communication with your patients and better understand industry jargon. 

My personalized medical English lessons are focused on helping you build the vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing skills that you need to succeed in your day-to-day work.

other business english coaching lessons

Since all of my work is tailored to the needs of my students, the possibilities are endless when it comes to my experience working with different industries. If you are an adult who is looking for business English lessons, then I would love to hear from you. Below, you can find other popular services that I offer for business professionals:

  • Marketing English

  • English for journalism and media

  • Language for meetings, debates, and presentations

  • Language for press conferences, interviews, and reporting

  • Intercultural communication and fluency

where to start

Business English lessons are important because they can help you further your career. Let’s start by getting to know one another. Before your first lesson, we will sit down for a free assessment and conversation about your professional goals and background. Once we have agreed on a lesson plan, hourly rates start at $85/hour.

For more information about business English lessons contact me by email at or by phone at (202)-650-8952.